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One IP-based solution
Four user interfaces

AVATUS redefines the vision, role and functionality that can and will be expected from the audio consoles of the future. The innovative concept takes advantage of today's IP technology. AVATUS provides full access to all parameters from anywhere on the network, regardless of the choice of control surface. In addition, the layout of the console can be freely configured, down to the elements visible in a channel strip. AVATUS is a powerful tool for managing complex projects with multiple sound engineers.

When connected to a NEXUS network, users can access a virtually unlimited pool of resources, including audio inputs and outputs in any format, with the best audio quality and reliability available on the market.

Requirements change, and AVATUS is the perfect tool to help you along the way.

AVATUS_Serie_S (1).jpg


The flagship choice

AVATUS S is available in all sizes from 12 to 96 faders.


AVATUS S is the solution for all applications that require maximum overview and extremely fast access.

AVATUS_Serie_D (1).jpg


The flexible option

Removable metering displays provide a clear view when needed and reduce the overall height of the surface. The metering displays can also be mounted as needed, such as on a wall or swing arm. AVATUS D is the solution for systems in auditoriums. It is available in different sizes, from 12 to 96 faders.



The compact solution

AVATUS C is the compact solution when less is more. It offers comprehensive control with minimal footprint. AVATUS-C is available with 12-36 faders and can be used either as a mobile extension for existing large mixing consoles, as a separate remote console, or wherever space saving combined with flexibility is an important aspect.



Encoder centered operation

AVATUS E is the surface option with the smallest footprint. The encoders are closer to the user and move into focus.

AVATUS E is available with either 24 or 36 faders and offers a solution for small

OB vans or venues with limited space.

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The compact solution

AVATUS C was first introduced in November 2021 as a 12-fader version with a removable screen. Due to its popularity, a 24-fader and a 36-fader version will also be available from September 2022 to complement the extensive range of IP-based, freely combinable control surfaces within the AVATUS portfolio.

Perfect for all applications where a small footprint is important, such as:

  • FoH-applications in seating areas or small control rooms 

  • Small studios 

  • Mobile applications, where low weight is important 

  • As an extension to existing AVATUS installations e.g. as a sidecar on a big musical show


Tactile control

Since the introduction of AVATUS, STAGETEC's flagship IP-based mixing console, the concept of modern workflow, modularity and scalability combined with the benefits of modern IP networks has been at the heart of every new product development.


AVATUS E, the new modular control surface that will be available from September 2022, is designed to complement the extensive range of IP-based, freely combinable control surfaces within the AVATUS portfolio. By reducing the footprint of the flagship product by almost 1/3, AVATUS E is the perfect solution for all applications where optimal use of limited space is important and compromising on functionality is out of the question. AVATUS E offers the same comprehensive features and workflow as the full-size surfaces, but provides an alternative arrangement of components


Combined with NEXUS Star Router as the central unit of the AVATUS mixing system, AVATUS E, like any other AVATUS user interface, provides full access to all NEXUS I/Os connected either via STAGETEC's own fibre links or via IP-Link in a fully IP-based infrastructure.


Projects created on a full-size AVATUS interface are fully compatible with AVATUS E and vice versa. In fact, any combination of all available AVATUS surfaces of any size and type is fully compatible.

Application areas:

    • Any application where a small surface footprint is important, such as:

    • Smaller OB-Vans/-Trucks

    • Smaller studios

    • FoH-applications in seating areas or small control rooms 

    Mobile applications, where light weight plays a major role

    As an extension of existing AVATUS installations e.g. as a sidecar at a large musical show


  • Surfaces available with 2 or 3 bays, each bay with:

    • High quality, non-glare 21” touch display the enables intuitive and context-sensitive workflow

    • 12 freely configurable, motorized and touch sensitive faders with colored LED backlighting to indicate their respective assignments

    • 48 touch sensitive rotary encoders with colored LED backlighting to indicate their respective assignments

    • Industrial-grade buttons, to provide direct access to key channel functions

  • Local Audio Interface:

    • ​48kHz / 96kHz

    • 2 local line outputs

    • 2 local headphone outputs

    • Talk Mic input

    • 4 AES outputs for metering-tools

  • Redundant Power Supply

  • Redundant control connections based on standard TCP/IP-protocols and -communication

  • Seamless integration into any existing modern TCP/IP network

  • Compatible with all existing AVATUS system components


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Since 1993, STAGETEC has been one of the pioneers of innovative, professional audio technology for broadcast, theater and A/V installations. Today, STAGETEC delivers individual IP signal management solutions for audio & video, interfaces as well as mixing console systems, which are ready for use within a very short time with almost no configuration effort and are characterized by reliability, simplest operation, high operational safety and thus reduction of operating costs - and that "Made in Germany & Switzerland".

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